Our Gifts- Meet Asuman

Hi There- Thank you all for following along with us. We would like to introduce you to someone incredible!

Right after Derek’s fall Asumen (AKA- Herman) became Dereks full-time caregiver. Over the past months we have all grown to adore him. Not only is he incredible with Derek and the kids, but he is also a creative, thoughtful and talented native to Uganda. After being with our family for just a short while- he wrote the poem below. We were wide-eyed by his talents and we hope you enjoy this share of his talents. Let’s all get to know Asuman a bit better!

Asuman Kazibwe, Native Ugandan has been Derek’s care partner since February, 2019. A care partner by day and a storyteller (through writing and film )by night. Back in Uganda his writings appeared in different magazines like Buzz teens magazine and you could find some of his works on “AITV” and “Catchyarts” both on FaceBook. Asuman aspires to being a positive change to the world through his arts.

Enjoy his beauty….


 His words are few and blurred

His movement slow and strained

One syllable costs him

What it costs you to run a mile

Speech is deserting him


The disease frightens them not

Not if you are with them

That is their main need

The reason he keeps talking  

The reason the keep smiling


Today its Derek

Tomorrow it’s someone else

We share this darkness

Or the light against ALS

Let’s stand and fight, together


On the brightest of mornings

In the darkest of nights

Derek takes a stand

And puts up a terrific fight

All ALS patients do


We know we need to fight

And win, possibly but

What do you do

When you lose or worse

When u can no longer fight


It changes you

It changes your dreams, your people

Your perceptions, your face, smile

laugh , voice, walk, sight, movement

It changes the way you breath



But they fight still, still hopeful

They still dream and plan and laugh

You see the fierce raw love

When he looks at his wife and kids

Derek and all ALS patients are still human.


The life in hiding story

The no human contact story

The maybe if I look away it will go away story

Ends today starting with me

I will not give them up


Don’t give up, you have me, we are here

When they can’t take it anymore

We love you, I love you. Derek

That’s all Derek cares for

All he needs, all they need is our love and understanding


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