This Guy

Lets get to know this guy right here a bit better. 


Derek, my goodness there is a lot to say about him.

When I met Derek over 15 years ago it was a game changer. For a lot of us our 20’s were filled with crazy stories and late nights. Mine was no different. 

Then one evening over some strategic planning of my now sister-in-law, 

I meet this unique, strong man and I stopped in my tracks.

I remember being impressed by Dereks endurance


He was an athlete and musician.

 Derek was rocking his career and somehow found time to be the most impressive 

dreamer I have still met to date.


But the one thing that stood out to my 27 year old self was watching him 

be a father to his first born son.

Remember now, crazy stories and late nights… 

Then this guy.


Derek may be surprised to hear this, but he was and still is my greatest teacher.

So we talk. One detail at a time.



Today i watch a pixilated view of my guy.

I watch him transform from one person to another before my eyes.

Remembering that a butterfly can only grow after its limitations and confinements are endured.


He changes before his own eyes every day. And I watch him see.

Everyday I say, “I see you Derek. And your are beautiful just the way you are.”

And he is.


True endurance is a test of the soul.

Every day is a fragmented version of the day before. 

Breathe. Focus. Repeat. 


How Lucky are we to know This Guy!!!

Today, I ask you to celebrate the details of your life that may be simple

 but frequently overlooked. 

Look up and Look around.

Do it for Derek. Do it for yourself. Do it for all those who love you.



To Derek- you are still the most beautiful in my eyes. You have taught me how to be a Mother and a dream follower. And i will take any version of you that you can give. Love Sj