Our Story

 It is hard to believe that it’s been close to a year since our lives changed forever.

 About a year ago, our family was confronted with life changing medical news. In a flash everything that we had created and dreamt of came to a halt. 

Every detail needed to be rethought.

Like a longing stare or an awkward silent pause, time did stop for us.

Till one day the still smiles and clammy hands met the spreadsheets and late night discussions.

Who are we now? Who were we? Who do we want to be?

One year later those late night chats and tearing eyes have 

turned to fierce, balanced minds with a plan.


An ever so gentle touch of daily balance in the face of trauma. 

We all can do anything.

In our next entry, I will give you a full introduction to what feels like 

a new member of our family.  

It was an unexpected guest. One that we hesitated with greatness to let in. But over the last year we have not only opened our theoretical doors, we have looked “our guest”  straight 

in the eye. 

Breathe. Focus. Repeat.

Every day we learn more about how to genuinely balance 

the dark laced details of this disease. 

This unwelcome guest. 

We smear the bright silly energy of our existing family of four all over its darkened canvas.

One stroke at a time.

In the next entry, I will formally introduce you. ALS is now in our home.