We talked for a few hours about how we should start our story.

What tone we wanted to take and how we wanted our words to feel when read.

In typical Derek and Sarah fashion, it ended with a lot of jokes and no conclusion.

Thank you for being here with us.

We are Derek and Sarahjean Michaud.


 We talk a lot about feelings in our house.  

We also talk about the beautiful, un-blinking eyes that look at us each day and ask,

"How are you guys?".

Most days we want to say Great, but we know everyone thinks we're just trying to seem strong. So instead we started saying this:

"We have been doing some Mathematics in our house. We have multiplied the beauty of balance, family, passion and vision. Then added in disease and choice. And finally, subtracted distraction, hang-ups and negativity.

And what we found was something that equals our lives."

And we're feeling pretty good about it!


We hope you will join us on this journey.

We may have been introduced to difficult circumstances, but over the last year we have discovered something truly prized and beautiful.

Balance, Family, Vision, and Health.

What it is, how to use it, when to share it and how to call on it in our darkest moments.

Our site and blog will be laced with stories and resources about how to rock it when life gets hard.

Come with us!